Finally! Tiger Blood!

I am now on day 17 of my Whole 30 and I can feel the Tiger Blood!  I have been incredibly impressed how my symptoms and changes have followed pretty much word for word what Doug and Melissa Hartwig spelled out in the Whole 30 guideline.  I had the withdrawals and headaches on days 1-4, the angry emotional outbursts on days 6 and 7 (just ask my family), the weird junk food dreams on day 10-13 I actually ate Cheetos in this dream (I haven’t had a Cheeto in more than a decade lol!) and now Tiger Blood on day 17!  I am sleeping soundly, like better than I had thought was possible, (this has been worth every bit of the Whole 30 by itself), my skin is clear and stayed clear during my normal “monthly” breakout time, My energy is so high, my insulin sensitivity is in check (I am not hungry and wanting to snack all the time) I feel like my moods are more stable and I respond to things in a much calmer way (this is huge for me, I am kind of used to being emotional and easily stressed).  My cravings for sweets have pretty much dissipated, and my all around attitude around foods has shifted.  I am not counting my calories or logging my food at all! I am not weighing or measuring myself at all (except day 1 and day 30 for curiosity sake only) I am not exercising except walking and playing with the kids, but my clothes are actually fitting better and my abs are peeking through (without ANY exercise).  The only reason I am not exercising for now is because I tend to overdo exercise and this ends up messing with my insulin sensitivity, so I made a deal with myself to take it easy so I can really see the results of the Whole30 without needing to kill myself in the gym.  I actually plan to incorporate lifting, spinning, walking and sprinting back into my life starting this upcoming week as the kids start school.  I am trying to take it slow though and really try and listen to my body and stop this need for constant endorphin inducing hard core exercise.

The biggest change and best thing about this Whole 30 has been the change in my chronic foot pain.  I am pretty sure that I have either a bone spur on my left heel or its severe plantar fasciatis, caused by running too much, exercise like Insanity which makes the heel strike the ground pretty hard and step aerobics. For over a year now I have been suffering through this chronic pain which is most intense first thing in the morning, and is worsened by running or any foot pounding aerobic activity.  I have not gone to the Dr. to have it looked at and I will, but frankly I am a bit nervous about what kind of treatment I will need to get so I have been delaying it.  Anyways I stopped the intense exercise a few months back and just stuck to walking/biking/swimming instead.  This didn’t really help the pain all that much as I thought it would.  Halfway through this Whole 30 I am stepping out of bed in the morning with just a faint hint of the heel pain that I had before.  This is seriously amazing!  I am hesitant to say its a miracle, but really its the best thing ever to not have this intense pain every single day, and I credit it to the “real” food I am eating day in and day out as well as the elimination of grains and sugar.  Nutrition as medicine it is truly the best way to treat your ailments before resorting to medication.

Whole 30 thus far has proven to already feel successful.  I am happy for once that I have stuck this out, I have not wavered much and though some days have been tougher than others overall choosing to eat real food has been absolutely rewarding.

More updates to come…..

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates




I apologize for the lack of posting, but a lot of changes have been going on in our world.  We have moved from Southern CA to Northern CA, which seems easy enough.  But no, moving is never easy.  Shipping 13,000 pounds of household goods and unpacking it all is a massive feat all in itself, adding 3 kids and all of their emotions can make your head spin, but we did it and every single box has actually been unpacked, it was a whirlwind.  The curtains are hung, the furniture in place, and most importantly the kitchen was stocked!  Moving was the prime opportunity to purge our pantry, and the fact that this new house has a wine bar/buffet in leu of a pantry (which in my opinion is far cooler) means that I won’t be “stocking” any processed foods.  I plugged in right away to a local Farmer’s Market and was quickly reminded of how incredibly awesome Northern CA is with all of the local farms.  I found a local farmer and ordered 1/16th of a cow along with many cuts of pork.  I am in absolute heaven here…We plan to frequent the Farmer’s Market every Saturday and stock up on seasonal produce as well as meat and eggs.  The fresh air (minus the local fires :() and the fresh food have made me super happy thus far.

At any rate you might wonder why after a huge move would I be doing a Whole 30?  I figured of all the times in my life this would be the easiest month to embark on this adventure for a couple reasons:  Purged pantry, Re-stocked fridge with Farmer’s Market bounties, and mostly because we are new and frankly have not met any friends yet, so social engagements are not abounding at the moment.  This makes it so much easier for me to stick to the Whole 30….social engagements in the past have been my demise.  Which reminds me, something that I hate to admit is that I have never successfully completed a Whole 30.  EVER.  This time is different I have discussed with the kids why I am doing the plan and both they and my husband (who for the most part is doing this alongside of me, with the exception of rice)  are incredibly supportive.  I told them I want to be able to watch them get married and have kids someday so I want to make my body as healthy as I can to make sure that is possible.  Sounds dramatic I know, but the Whole 30 is a BIG DEAL.  It is a tough program, absolutely no processed foods, dairy, grains or alcohol (yikes, miss my wine a bit)  However it is 30 days and anyone can do anything for 30 days.  I love the quote in the Whole 30 book that says:  “Fighting cancer is hard, losing a parent is hard, drinking your coffee black is.not.hard!”  There are things in life that are much harder than a serious clean eating diet reset.

So I have already finished 5 full days and managed through the minor headaches, body aches, anger, and exhaustion and I woke up today early and refreshed, I feel as though I have finally gotten a good night sleep for the first time in over a year.  I have not developed any new recipes recently mostly because I exploring the recipes in the Whole 30 book first and kind of trying to think less creatively and just use what they have in there.  I will work on a post soon to show you some of the yummy things that I have gotten to eat thus far, there are some pretty awesome recipes in that book, but so far mine and my family’s favorite is the Shepherd’s Pie….Pretty much the best thing EVER!!!  I could eat it 3x a day and not get bored!

I am doing the Whole 30 to reset my body and help clean the slate, while also attempting to slay the “sugar dragon” as I have been using sugar as a crutch all to much lately.  If you are interested in giving the Whole 30 a try check out their site and if I can do this you surely can!  Whole 30

Have a Fabulous day!

Whole 30

Fitness Resources that I LOVE

weight-lifterSometimes I get in a rut doing the same workouts over and over again.  I wish I was motivated to create my own programs and go at it that route.  Truth be told that taking care of my family and cooking all the time leaves me creatively challenged when it comes to designing a workout program that will produce results for me.  Here are some sites I have checked out in the past and some I have even used. Continue reading

What does health mean to you?

Living in Southern California can mean driving down the freeway and being bombarded with billboards of attractive people, body enhancing surgery ads, advertisements for weight loss procedures etc.  And then there are the TV, magazines and the internet advertisements.  With constant images being put in our face on a daily even hourly basis, it can be a serious challenge to look at ourselves in the mirror and feel good about what we see.  I do think it is just as bad for the men as it is for the women too, so don’t think this is just a post geared toward women, because lets face it men have pressures to look a certain way also. Our general idea of health and attractiveness comes from this societal standard which can cause confusion and desperation for those seeking to achieve this ideal.  How did we lose our focus and forget that first becoming healthy ultimately leads to an fit, attractive body? Continue reading

Back at it!

So after some time figuring out what I wanted to do with this blog I have finally figured it out…I am reinventing it all together.  I was getting a little stressed about feeling pressure to create new recipes all the time, I was also getting too caught up in the technicalities of the site that I lost focus on my true reason for this blog.  I want to just get great info out there into the webosphere and sometimes that might be by means of an awesome new recipe, other times it may be a rant about self acceptance, or to share an article about fitness.  I am ADD like that and different phases of my life look completely different than the last.  Sometimes I put my eating on default (non-creative mode) so pushing out new recipe content can be the last thing on my mind.

The good news is that I plan to be blogging far more frequently now that I won’t be pinned down to one specific blogging arena.  I also have some projects going on in the background that I hope to get out here soon.  We are getting ready for a big move in the next couple weeks so I am slightly overwhelmed with some of that at the moment, but don’t despair I hope to keep things more consistent regardless!  Have a fabulous day!  As my dad told me everyday, “Remember today is the best day of your life”–so go out and do great things people!